prototyping/Engineering experience. Extremely competent in crossing boundaries between
Legal, R&D, and Management to obtain widest possible IP protection and satisfy other
corporate objectives.

PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT, BLACKWOOD LABS, LLC: Development and marketing of new
products for in-house and outside clients,  requiring identification of need, development of
concept, market assessment, profit/loss analysis, Intellectual Property protection, prototyping,
licensing, final production, marketing, sales, and distribution.

US PATENT ATTORNEY: Sole practitioner, registration #38,023. Areas of expertise include
automotive, mechanical, electronics, computer hardware and to some degree software,
material handling, hydraulics, pneumatics, optics, medical devices, lasers, robotics and

IRRIGATION: Developed and built a prototype rotary laminating press and revolutionary
irrigation device and process for an outside client in cooperation with their executives and
engineering team. Container Tender ™ uses a thin film laminate with vacuum formed
passages to channel water flow, controlling flow rate, distribution, evaporative loss and many
other factors. This allowed the exact tree watering requirements to be determined for the first
time, cutting water usage by approximately 90% (as determined by testing conducted by Ohio
State University) and opened up a diversity of collateral applications. We worked with an
outside Houston IP firm to obtain patent protection, and I advised the client to help them
obtain other IP protections. This start-up is rapidly approaching IPO status.

AUTOMOTIVE DEVELOPMENT: Over 25 years experience in conception, development and
construction of prototypes and experimental vehicles. Current production includes an
engine/transmission adapter for a major aftermarket supplier. Projects have included various
fuel injection, drivetrain, body, suspension, control, and monitoring components and
systems. The Blackwood Labs flagship is a highly modified supercharged, intercooled and
injected V8 MGB showcasing the capabilities of the company as well as cutting edge control
systems and other technologies.

MATERIAL HANDLING: In 5 years with major producers of advanced conveyor equipment I
contributed to such notable advances as zero pressure accumulation conveyors and high-
speed sortation conveyors. Designed test equipment and setups, assisted with full scale
customer installations, and built demo equipment while also maintaining a prior art patent
library, dealing with possible infringement issues, and preparing patent filings for outside
and inside patent counsel.  

ROBOTICS: Taught introductory robotics, manufacturing methods, and design courses at
Northern Kentucky University.

OPTICS/MEDICAL: 2yrs. as supervisor for the R&D group at CILCO Inc. intra-ocular lens
manufacturer (now Alcon). Designed and built equipment to manufacture new lens designs.  
Participant in the start up of their first CNC lens machining program. Maintained CO-2
marking lasers prior to that.

BUDGETARY/ADMINISTRATIVE: Administered $ ½ M. budget, numerous supervisory
positions. 12 years as proprietor of a prototype development lab/patent law firm.

COMPUTER: Contract PC Support w/ Robert Half Associates, Hospital/Med School/Security
environments. Hardware/software upgrades: Win2kPro, Office2k, Groupwise, Remedy,
remote administration, NT/Novell networks. Maintain 7 node small business system.

ELECTRONICS: Circuit design and modification, troubleshooting, and retrofits.
USAF Electronics Technician.


1994-Present: Jim Blackwood, Esq.-Sole proprietorship.
Offer product development and patent services, engineering, technical and legal.  This
requires familiarity with information technology, records, bookkeeping, business
management, operation and sales. Also continue with one long term case involving
inheritance rights for a group of clients. This is my retirement case. Either it will drive me to
retirement or allow me to retire by making me a wealthy man. ;)

1987-Present: Blackwood Labs, LLC
The transmission adapter mentioned above was developed in house and farmed out to
Advance Adapters Inc of California for manufacturing, warehousing and drop shipping upon
confirmation of sales by Blackwood Labs. Toh Products LLC (Tree Tender irrigation device)is
a current consultancy and development client with a 6 year long relationship. I also have
ongoing product development projects conceiving, designing and building prototypes for both
in-house and client projects. I determine feasibility, marketability, and cost/earnings ratios
and when necessary advise on matters of intellectual property protection and other business
concerns such as the steps necessary and sequence of bringing a concept to market. Also
interface with manufacturers and vendors for production, warehousing, and shipping of
components and, or assemblies. Negotiate contracts and agreements, promote in-house
products and handle purchases and shipping arrangements.

1999-2001: Robert Half: Contract IT support. Hospital/Med School/Security environments.
Hardware/software upgrades: Win2kPro, Office2k, Groupwise, Remedy, remote
administration, NT/Novell networks.

1997: Olsten Temporary Services
Assistant Product Estimator for a division of TRW, led QS9000 task force in goal of bringing
manufacturing documentation into compliance with requirements.

1996-1997: TKF Conveyor Company
Initiated formalization of R&D / Product Development Department. Designed tooling, did
programming and testing as well as vendor evaluation. Technical problem solving related to
new product development. Resolved infringement / Patent concerns.

1995-1997: Northern Kentucky University: evenings
Adjunct Professor, taught Engineering and Manufacturing Technology:
Manufacturing methods, Design Theory, and Robotics.

1995: Frost & Jacobs
Contract position: 6 months.
Litigation support, Kentucky Central Life Insurance case: Document production.

1991-1994: Litton Unit Handling Systems, Industrial Automation Division: (now H K Systems)
Member of product development group. Helped write patent applications, conducted
infringement searches, and maintained patent files. Helped design state-of-the-art products,
set up testing regimens and documentation procedures. Field service representative.
Supervised construction of demonstration equipment installation.

Other Relevant Employment:

California Intra-Occular Lens Co.: 2yrs. Supervised Research and Development lab.
Designed and built control circuitry, programmed CNC equipment.

West Virginia Attorney General’s Office: 1-1/2 yrs. while in undergrad school.
Enforced Open Governmental Meetings Act, and investigated anti-trust cases.

Brigham Young University Engineering Dept: Conducted precision measurement instrument
calibrations, designed and built specialized shop equipment.

Schutz Precision Machining: fine finishes and close tolerances on exotic materials. Designed
tooling, manufactured medical devices, etc.

USAF: Electronic Navigation Systems repair, from component to system, tube to IC and digital.

University of Cincinnati, College of Law, Cincinnati, Ohio
Degree: Juris Doctor. Emphasis in Patent Law,

1992 West Virginia Institute of Technology, Montgomery, West Virginia Degree: Bachelor of
Science- Technology Education, 1987. Emphasis in electronics, metals, and woodworking.

Professional certifications
US Patent and Trademark Office- licensed Patent Attorney, Registration No. 38,023 (1994)
Kentucky Bar Association, 1993
FCC 2nd class license 1981

PAT. NO.        Title
1         6,193,209         Container for forming voids in concrete
2         6,108,141         Signal viewing device
3         6,102,475         Stool with attached table
4         5,819,569         Lock with changeable warding positions
5         D397,475         Roadway light for vehicles
6         5,425,542         Illuminated projectile

Most major US cities and states, Guam, England, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas.

One of the founders of “Idea Soup”, a local think tank designed to create a fast track for
bringing new products to market.

Vietnam era Veteran: USAF Honorable Discharge. Security clearance: National Agency
Check. Maintained and encoded Nuclear Alert B-52 “Black Box” (go/no-go), and electronic
navigation equipment. Also maintained C5-A Galaxy, C-141 Hercules, KC-140 Supertanker,
as well as C-131, and T-29 aircraft.
Age: 51, Married, 2 children, 6’2” 220lbs. Enjoy sports cars, whitewater rafting and other
outdoor sports.

Jim Blackwood, Esq, CEO