Develop with the client  systematic policies and proceedures
for developing new products
Implement effective strategies for dealing with Intellectual
Property concerns
Ongoing support to resolve unexpected issues
Selected Projects

IH-700r4 Adapter

This project was an In-house development of Blackwood Labs LLC with an agreement
negotiated with Advance Adapters Inc of California to manufacture, warehouse, and
distribute the product exclusively for Blackwood Labs. Currently in production, it sells in
a niche market with low quantity needs and therefore sets a benchmark for what can be
accomplished with limited resources, a limited market, and minimal advertising. Over a
five year period it has repaid the development costs and continues to sell, relying
primarily on word-of-mouth advertising. It has successfully undergone one major
revision during that time to reduce material and manufacturing costs and hold the line
on retail price increases despite huge escalations in steel prices.
A detailed description of the product including very specific installation instructions and
recommendations is available.

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